Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller: Dos and Don'ts For a Happy Tot

Keep Baby Cool in a Stroller: Dos and Don'ts For a Happy Tot

Spring has SPRUNG y’all!! The temps are getting warmer, the days are getting longer, summer is on the horizon & there’s just something about sunshine that makes us want to adventure more (who is ready to hit the park and not be chilled to the bone?!). With the days heating up, it’s important to know how to keep baby cool in the stroller, how hot is too hot for baby, and how to protect baby from sun in the stroller so that you can have the most enjoyable adventure possible! Below are some tips for ensuring a safe and enjoyable time outside with your little one. 

9 Effective Ways to Keep Your Baby Cool in a Stroller 

1. Choose The Right Stroller

Having the right stroller is key for any outing, especially during the summer. The best stroller for hot weather will have a big canopy to give your baby a shady spot to chill, mesh peek window (or other mesh areas) for added ventilation, bumper bar or snack tray to clip a stroller fan and UPF rated fabric. Wouldn’t you know it… our Bēbee Lightweight Stroller has all of that!

2. Keep Baby Shaded

Make sure your little one has a shaded place to sit during the summer to escape the heat and protect their delicate skin. If your stroller doesn’t have an XL canopy or canopy extension like our Bēbee, try adding a canopy extender like this one! 

Note: it’s not recommended to cover your stroller with a blanket as it can become loose (making it hazardous) and prevents proper airflow.

3. Wear Breathable Fabric

Summer isn’t the time for heavy fabrics, especially for your little one. We recommend dressing your baby is lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton, bamboo or linen

4. Use A Stroller Fan

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 100 times, grab a stroller fan for both your baby & you to keep you cool on those warm summer mornings and evenings! Check out this one that has over 27,000 reviews

5. Stay Hydrated

Pack enough liquids to stay hydrated when out and about (for you & your baby). Because babies are teeny tiny nuggets of cuteness, they can become dehydrated easier and faster than adults – make sure you know what signs and symptoms to look for

6. Time Your Walks

Avoid walking during the hottest part of the day (10am - 4pm) and instead opt for early morning/evening walks instead (more on that below)

7. Use A Cooling Seat Pad

Are warm temps unavoidable and your baby has a serious case of SWASS? Try scooping up either a cooling gel seat pad (that cools the stroller seat before they sit in it/keeps it cool while they aren’t in it) or use an aerated seat pad to help with airflow

8. Create A Cold Water Bottle Sandwich

Wondering how to keep your baby cool in the stroller without buying another “thing”? Try this! 

  • Step 1: Fill 2 water bottles ½ way with water 
  • Step 2: Place them in the freezer laying on their sides
  • Step3: When the water is frozen & you’re ready for your walk, wrap each bottle in a towel and place one on either side of your little one!

Make sure you can keep an eye on them if you use plastic water bottles as the caps can become a choking hazard

9. Or DIY Air Conditioning!

Chill a wet towel in the freezer and just before your walk, roll up and place in an insulated water bottle. When your little one gets hot, simply dab them with the towel for an instant cool down! Plus, when the breeze blows against their skin and hits the cold water - it will feel like a mini burst of air conditioning!

Hot Weather Stroller Mistakes to Avoid 

Poorly Timed Walks

While it can be tempting to go out for a lunchtime walk with your little one, this is often the hottest part of the day. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if the temperature is about 90°F, your baby can overheat extremely quickly. It is recommended that you limit sun exposure during the peak intensity hours - between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

"Babies are not as effective at cooling their bodies as adults because they do not sweat normally," explains Dr. Yallapragada from "In addition, babies are not able to tell you if they are overheating and not feeling well."

Instead, opt for going outside before 10am or after 4pm (Who really wants to be outside in 90 degree weather anyways?) Remember, if you’re walking at dawn or dusk, bring your reflective gear and/or lights so you, your baby and your stroller are easily visible.

Dehydration & Overheating

Babies & toddlers are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated and overheating during the summer months for a few reasons:

  • They can’t always communicate what they need
  • They can’t tell you when they’re too hot
  • They are smaller (and more at risk of dehydrating/overheating)
  • They need liquids more frequently

When going on walks with your baby, always have plenty of fluids for them (bring more than you think you need, too much is better than not enough!), dress them in breathable clothing (mentioned above), make sure they have plenty of shade and avoid going outside if the temps are above 90°F

How to Tell if Your Baby is Too Hot in a Stroller

Unlike adults, babies can’t always tell us if they are getting too hot. Be sure you know what to look for, how to avoid overheating and what to do if your baby starts to overheat.

So how hot is too hot for baby? Here are some ways to tell if your baby may be overheating:

  • Feels hot (with or without a fever).
  • Looks flushed or red
  • Sweating or has damp hair (though keep in mind that babies can be overheated without sweating)
  • Acts fussy or restless
  • Has an elevated heart rate (tachycardia)
  • Seems overly tired, sluggish, or listless
  • Appears confused, weak, or dizzy
  • Feels nauseous or is vomiting

If your baby is exhibiting these signs, get them out of the sun and to a cool place immediately, gently pat their skin with cool damp towels and give them plenty of liquids. If you are concerned or symptoms don’t improve, call your pediatrician or doctor.

Keep Your Baby Cool and Comfortable with Bombi

Now that you know how to keep your baby cool in a stroller, you just need the perfect stroller and our Bēbee is the best stroller for hot weather! With an XL canopy (with zip out extension), UPF rated fabric, cup holder for both you and baby and an included bumper bar to clip that fan to, your little one will always have a safe and shady spot to sit. Plus, free shipping and free 30 day returns means you can test stroll us stress free! 

If you’re still on the fence (which we totally get, there are tons of strollers out there), check out our 80+ 5-star reviews to see if we’re a good fit for you!

Happy Strolling!


Ps – have your own tips for keeping your baby cool during summer? Comment below!

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