Best Strollers To Take To Disney Parks (Recommended by Moms)

Best Strollers To Take To Disney Parks (Recommended by Moms)

Ahhh Disney, the place where dreams come true, everyone wears Mickey ears & the air is palpable with youthful wonderment & magic. Whether you’ve been a die-hard fan since your own childhood and are now passing that on to your own children or you’re looking for a new family friendly vacation – Disney is the perfect getaway with young children (& even better when you’re prepared 😉)

If you’re an experienced Disney goer, you know packing the right gear is essential for a magical day (or weekend or week) at the park. If you’re a newbie, let us be the first to tell you: packing the right gear (especially the right stroller) is essential for a magical day (or weekend or week) at the park. You and your family will do a lot (understatement of the year) of walking and have a ton of stuff (second understatement of the year) so having a spot for your little one to take a break, catch a nap or buckle in as you run to *that* ride is an absolute must!

In this blog, we’re going to tackle everything you need to know about visiting Disney with your little one – what are the park rules, what are the best strollers to take to Disney World (as recommended by REAL Disney parents) & finally what to pack (We even made you a handy-dandy little checklist, you’re welcome). Let’s dive in!

Disney World Stroller Rules

As of the time of this blog (Feb 2022), Disney has updated their rules about what strollers are and are not permitted in their parks. 

Disney World Stroller Rules:

  • Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller.
  • Wagons are not permitted in the park
  • Stroller wagons are not permitted in the park
  • If your stroller is larger than the required size - you can rent one from Disney

For more rules, head to their regulations page here

Best Strollers To Conquer Disney Parks

Having the right stroller is crucial to conquering your Disney vacation. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option, something more robust or wondering if you can take your current favorite stroller to Disney - here are some of the best strollers as recommended by real, experienced Disney Moms. 

Best Overall Option: Bombi Bēbee Lightweight Stroller

Our Bēbee Lightweight Stroller was designed to combine full size comforts with compact convenience making it the perfect travel stroller. Folding down to about the size of a carry-on bag, it’s ideal for road trips & plane rides because it won’t take up much space in your trunk and even comes with a carry bag so you can keep it protected if you have to check it at the gate. Plus, it has a lightweight frame (16lbs), folds down with 1 hand and all the features you want for a day out with your little one like:

  • Infinite recline
  • XXL canopy with UV protection
  • Large storage basket
  • Parent storage pocket & included cup holder
  • All wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • Folds down to about the size of a carry on (check airline restrictions to see if it will fit in the overhead bin!)

Plus, the seat is super comfy so you little one will actually want to ride in it! 

“First day opening the stroller he climbed right in and cried when I tried to take him out. Recommend for any new moms…. Super lightweight!” - Kayla R, Real Mom Review

Best Budget Option: Summer Infant 3Dlite

The 3Dlite has been touted as being *THE* Disney stroller with over thousands of reviews on Amazon & just under $100 it’s not a bad travel option (plus it’s the most affordable option on this list). It includes a storage basket, 4 position recline and is super lightweight. That being said, the storage basket (like many umbrella/lightweight strollers) leaves a lot to be desired & won’t hold a candle to your full-size stroller. You can scoop it at almost every retailer, which is pretty dang convenient!

Shop 3Dlite

Best Carry-On Option: GB Pockit

If having your stroller with you on the plane is a *MUST*, the Pockit fits the bill (but it will cost you!). It folds down small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of almost every airline, so you never have to leave your stroller in the hands of the crew. However, while convenient for flying, it misses on a few key features important for everyday use such as: a really small storage basket, tiny canopy & no recline. Disney can have incredibly sunny days and having a shaded, comfy spot for your little one to rest is crucial to avoiding meltdowns.

Shop Pockit

Best Jogging Option: Bob

This was a fan favorite according to our Disney Mom Experts. It is incredibly sturdy, has a very smooth ride (thanks to the robust suspension), tons of storage & an XXL canopy to keep your little one out of the sun. Bonus, if you have an older child, you can attach a skateboard to accommodate more than 1 child!

“It meets Disneyland’s guidelines and you can attach a skateboard, which I use occasionally. Lots of storage space is also a plus!” - Jordan, @Disneyandmoore

The only downside is that it’s one of the larger, bulkier strollers and doesn’t fold compactly whatsoever making it a bit cumbersome when traveling and flying (and will take up a lot of space in your hotel room). 

Shop Bob

Best Double Option: Graco Ready2Grow

If your current stroller doesn’t have a skateboard option/add-on second seat and you need something for multiples - the Graco Ready2Grow is a great overall option for moms with more than 1 child. It features over 12 seating options (making it great for children of different ages), a large storage basket, parent tray and at just over $200 you can’t beat the price. This was a favorite from @riveraseverafter, Disney Mom Expert - “it’s lightweight! My advice: HAVE A COMFORTABLE STROLLER!!” 

Shop Ready2Grow

Best For Infants: Doona Car Seat and Stroller

The Doona is “the world's first fully integrated travel system” and has been popping up all over social media for the last few years. If you are traveling with an infant & need to bring their car seat with you, this could be a great all-in-one option for you. That being said, it lacks storage so be prepared to either hold your backpack all day or hang over the handlebar (which is not recommended)

Shop Doona

Disney Packing List

Now that you’ve got your perfect Disney stroller and you have all your travel essentials for flying, what else do you need to pack to conquer the park?

Psstt: download, save & pin this checklist for later!

Stroller fan

We love a good stroller accessory and this one continues to be a parent favorite (I mean we totally get why, no one likes a swampy baby butt!). If you’re traveling during the summer, we recommend grabbing one for both you and your baby so you can have a way to cool down while you’re waiting in line.

“Get one of the clip-on ones for your baby and clip it to the canopy facing inward so you can sort of air condition their little safe space. Also, get yourself one of the bendable grip ones so you can wrap it around the handlebar and face it at you - I swear it’s a game changer for those hot hectic walks from one end of the park to the other.” - @thatmagicmama

Multiple Outfits (Like more than you think you’ll need)

You get sweaty, people spill stuff, kids have blow outs - you can never pack enough outfits!

“As gross as it is, kids get travel tummy too and I can’t count the amount of outfits I’ve had to throw away in Disneyland bathrooms when my son was a baby because he decided to blow out in the stroller. I suggest packing at least 2 cute outfits for each day, but also one more “just-in-case” outfit because I also never thought it would happen more than once in a day, and it always did!” - @thatmagicmama

Toys, Toys, Toys

Toys and snacks. Snacks and toys. Something to keep their bellies happy and something to keep their minds entertained will be key especially for long wait times! Here is what our Disney experts recommend:

“I let the kids bring their own backpack full of Kranz and paper and little trinket toys so that we are entertained while waiting for parades or just for a little break in the day!” - @Disneyandmoore

“Bring a small hand toy for them to play with in the stroller that you don’t mind probably getting lost. Kids drop things out of the stroller all the time so they’ll likely throw it somewhere never to be seen again, but it’ll also keep them happy, comfortable, and occupied when you’re traveling through thick crowds which can look scary from the height of a stroller.” - @thatmagicmama

Disneyland App

This is crucial for checking wait times, weather, park updates & making the most of your time at Disney. Check it out here

Diaper Bag

Having a diaper bag that has a place and space for all your things will help keep you organized, stocked up and prepared for whatever the park has in store for you! Bonus if it’s easy to clean 😉

“I always bring one of my petunia pickle bottom diaper bags! They have so much storage and the material is easy to clean.” - @Disneyandmoore

Stroller Hook

Parents, y’all have a TON of stuff & a stroller hook can help free up basket space, allow you to pack more & bring allllllll of the essentials with you on your trip. This is especially helpful if your stroller doesn’t have a large basket (we’re looking at you convenience strollers)

Reusable Water Bottle & Yup…More Snacks!

We’ve said it before (like 4 items ago), but in case you missed it, you can never have enough snacks!! There is nothing worse than a hangry mom/dad/baby, so be prepared with plenty of options. Disney also gets HOT, make sure to pack a reusable water bottle (big fans of eliminating single use plastics!) and stay hydrated

“I always bring a reusable water bottle because they have refillable stations in the parks. I like to bring snacks and some treats like candy or lollipops so that we don’t spend money every trip.” - @Disneyandmoore

Stroller Accessories

You never know when an afternoon shower will roll through or a swarm of bugs will drive your little one crazy. Make sure to pack your stroller rain cover & mosquito net so you’re ready for anything!


Ok, so this is more of a mental item to pack and TBH we love it!! Instagram & social media makes everything look flawless and we think it’s important to remember that everyone (including you AND your kids) are human!

“Pack your patience! The days don’t always go as planned with kiddos and that’s ok!” - @mermaidsonmainstreet

Let’s Get Magical!

Now that you’re prepped, packed and know the best stroller to take to Disney, you’re ready to have the most magical trip while making everlasting memories with your family. Remember: things don’t always go as planned, kids have meltdowns and weather doesn’t always cooperate, but as long as you go into your trip prepared and positive, you’re certain to have a trip you’ll never forget.

“Take Disney slow. Never look at this trip as “the one and only time we’ll ever be here.” That pressure will only stress you out and kids need patience and breaks. It’s impossible to do everything you’re going to want to do in a short time while having a stroller aged kid and that’s just the reality of it. Instead of stressing about accomplishing everything, take time to see the magic in their eyes” - @thatmagicmama

We hope this blog helps you select the best stroller for your trip, understand the Disney world stroller rules & decide what to pack for your upcoming trip. We hope you have the best time ever and are happy to be a part of your family vacation!

Thank you to the amazing Disney mamas for contributing to our blog! For more info, be sure to click below, give them a follow & tell them Bombi says Hi!:

@thatmagicmama a special needs mom first, Disney fan second, and plus size fashion lover third. Her content is a total magical mixture of the three! She’s all about reminding people of their worth and that every body is magical in its own way! You are limited edition 1 of 1!

@Disneyandmoore Jordan is the momma and photographer of 4 little babes. She loves to showcase their fun adventures as a family at Disneyland and “Moore” (pun on their last name). She shares fun tips and tricks on how to maximize your time in the parks and likes to throw in a little motherhood comedy and truth (something almost all moms can relate to)! 

@mermaidsonmainstreet Alex is a stay at home working mama that visits Disney weekly to escape the realities of life! Motherhood isn’t easy but with a little bit of magic and pixie dust it makes it easier! 

@riveraseverafter Disney mom Taurika who makes parenthood magical and lives a bippity boppity lifestyle


At Bombi we make eco-conscious strollers that are affordable, built to last and perfect for your next adventure. With full size features, compact convenience and a fold that will make you say WTF! (aka wow that fold!) our Bēbee Lightweight Stroller is the travel stroller you’ve been dreaming of.

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