How We Make Our Strollers Toddler Tough

How We Make Our Strollers Toddler Tough

Let’s keep it real - strollers go through a LOT. From various terrains & weather conditions, to being loaded in and out and in and out of your car, to the little rider that may or may not be a little reckless, sticky & wild. It’s important that your stroller is built to last & that’s why make our Toddler Tough, because dang can those cute little kiddos can be savages sometimes!

Our Materials

The Frame:

Made using 6061 T6 aircraft quality aluminum & reinforced with strategically placed steel for extra stability and support. AKA: It’s ready for your everyday adventure

The Fabrics:

SoftTouch fabric made from recycled plastic bottles which can be easily spot cleaned or wiped clean with a damp cloth. They are also UV rated to block sun's rays so your little one can snooze peacefully.

The Wheels:

Never-Flat EVA wheels with sealed ball-bearings & independent all wheel suspension provides a smooth, low-friction ride when out & about

“I rode this stroller on multiple surfaces, sand, rocks, grass, and pavement. This stroller glides! Such a smooth ride!” - Deej

The Fasteners:

High quality rivets and fasteners designed to withstand the elements resulting in a strong, secure hold that won’t rust or tarnish

How We Test

Our strollers are ASTM & CPSIA compliant and undergo a variety of tests that simulate real-life use. We know you won’t always be walking on a perfectly paved sidewalk with no bumps or curbs. And we for SURE know your baby might not always be sitting still. Here are the tests our strollers go through before they get to you

Simulated road testing 

The road ahead may not always be a freshly paved one - that’s why our strollers undergo extensive real-life performance and durability testing on our “Stroller Test Track”. Essentially, it’s designed to simulate various terrain & in-use scenarios including gravel, cobblestone, grass, and pavement. Our strollers are pushed around to test wheel functionality, steerability & the overall pushing experience.

Fabric Durability Testing

It’s important that not only the frame stands the test of time, but the fabric does as well. All of our strollers are tested for fabric durability on our Treadmill Test Fixture which simulates worst-case use scenarios to ensure the fabric is strong enough to stand any adventure! 

What’s a Treadmill Test Fixture? Glad you asked. Our strollers are loaded with weight, placed on a treadmill (that has a variety of bumps to simulate curbs) and run for 40hrs to test the durability of the frame & fabric.

UV Testing

Our fabrics are tested for UV rating, chemicals & flammability. Because we use a variety of fabrics, they have various UV ratings. As of 4.20.22 our fabrics are rated as follows:

  • Midnight Black: Blocks 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays
  • Evergreen: Blocks 94% of UV-A & 97% of UV-B rays
  • Glacier Blue: Blocks 94% of UV-A & 96% of UV-B rays
  • Terracotta: Blocks 95% of UV-A & 97% of UV-B rays
  • Sand: Blocks: Blocks 89% of UV-A & 98% of UV-B
  • Stone Gray: Blocks 91.6% of UV-A & 97% of UV-B rays

Stability Testing

We place our strollers in a variety of orientations to test their overall stability: sideways on an incline, backwards on an incline, forwards on an incline (we don’t want it tipping over with your babe in there!).

If you’ve ever wondered why there are weight limits on cup holders, seats, pockets & baskets - that’s why. There is a reason we don’t recommend placing your diaper bag on your stroller handle bars!

We do not recommend placing any additional weight on the handlebar as this may result in your stroller tipping backwards. Your stroller has been tested and is rated to hold:

  • 1lb in the parent storage pocket
  • 1/2lb in the cup holder
  • 25lbs in the storage basket
  • 50lbs in the seat

Let’s Stroll

Our strollers meet or exceed all industry standards & we actually run European tests that aren’t required here in the US because we figure - if there’s a way to make our stroller safer, we’re going to do it. If you have any questions about how, what or why we test what we do, feel free to send us a message - we are always here to support you! If you’re ready to check out our strollers, head over to our Bēbee Lightweight Stroller to check out some of it’s awesome features!


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